A Better Way to Learn Drupal

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I teach people how to build websites in Drupal (https://drupal.org) about 1/2 my working life. (See Most Comprehensive Drupal Course and 3,000,000 Views)

For years, we've used a tool from Acquia (https://acquia.com) called DevDesktop.  They finally EOL'd it last summer and it stopped working a few weeks ago.  So I went searching for a better way.  

DevDesktop has been problematic for years.  I won't go into all the details - but it was a pain.


I have found the most amazing alternative!

https://github.com/imrodmartin/ddev-gitpod is a fork of some really great coding from https://github.com/shaal/ddev-gitpod.  Ofer Shaal (https://github.com/shaal) is a terrifc Drupal developer from Florida and has put this out there for all to use.  Essentially it's one click and about 3 minutes later - you have Drupal working with a browser based Visual Studio Code tool all set to go.  Yes - you can even do Drupal development on an iPad!  

His project installs Drupal with Umami (the demo content) while my fork installs Drupal straight out of the box (that's how we teach it).

Thank you Ofer - what a great tool!

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