How to Create a Birthday Campaign in Mautic

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(updated 03/05/2018)

One of the things I look forward to every year on my birthday is the email I get from a particular site that knows it's my birthday.  They send one every year and it helps make my day.

Creating a campaign to do that in Mautic is quite simple. - actually impossible at this point.  Thanks to @giovanni.vendraminet on slack for pointing it out.  So until we have recurring campaigns or better date management in segments... sorry folks... you just can't do it.

 This will work for just one day... 

  1. Create a custom field called birthday with the data type of date.
  2. Create a segment with every contact that has a birthdate in your custom birthday field (Birthdate is NOT EMPTY).
  3. Create a campaign with the segment.
  4. Add a condition based on birthday field and using the DATE and ANNIVERSARY.
  5. Based on the condition being true - send an email.

I show you how to do it in the video below.  Enjoy!









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