Mautic - Update Segments based on Report Data

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A question came up in the Facebook group for Mautic support that I thought warranted a quick video tutorial.

"I have prepared a mail for my leads and i am sending out the mail to my leads but i haven't store them in a segment but now i want to extract those email ids of the leads is there any way to do so." (

Assigning contacts to new segment via reportsIn other words, Zack wanted to push any contact that had received a particular email into a new segment.  This is something Mautic can do at the time a form is filled in, or as part of a campaign - but not retroactively.

Mautic Reports to the Rescue.

In this video I show you how you can create a report, filter and then export the results to a CSV file.  You can then simply import the CSV and Mautic will merge the contacts and push them to a new segment.

Watch the video for the details.

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